Michaelson Associates Listens to What You Want

Michaelson Associates does not “flood” your organization with the resumes of candidates who are less than ideal. Several law firms have conducted in-house studies to determine which recruiters sent the most appropriate candidates, and those studies have shown time and again that Michaelson Associates sent the candidates who were the best suited for those firms. For more than three decades, Michaelson Associates has earned the trust of law firms and in-house legal departments by sending them only those candidates who not only have exceptional credentials, but who also are compatible in terms of practice, personality and firm culture.

Michaelson Associates has a proven history of placing candidates with exceptional credentials at the most prominent law firms and in-house legal departments. The many lawyers who have become leaders at the firms where we have placed them prove that we make matches that last.

Harvard Law School has chosen Michaelson Associates since 2003 as a key New York recruiting firm to counsel Harvard Law students on career development and on the New York legal market because of our unmatched industry knowledge and proven integrity. Every year, Michaelson Associates helps Harvard 2L’s choose which firms to interview at for their 2L summer jobs. The expertise of all Michaelson Associates’ recruiters has tremendous value for attorneys from the youngest law students to the most experienced partners at top New York firms.

Understanding Your Organization

We describe your organization accurately and explain your competitive advantages to candidates. Michaelson Associates routinely meets with senior client lawyers to discuss their firm and practice strategies and ideas for growth.

Michaelson Associates helps law firms and in-house legal departments deal effectively with the “rumor mill”. The “rumor mill” has a life of its own, and inaccurate information about your organization can spread as fast as it can be shared on social media. Because Michaelson Associates takes a long-term approach to helping lawyers build their careers instead of pushing placements that are not the right fit, candidates trust us to give them accurate information and dispel myths.

Michaelson Associates conducts searches with the utmost attention to confidentiality because we recognize that the information you are sharing with us is extraordinarily sensitive.

Michaelson Associates works directly with firms and companies located across the United States. We have also worked with American lawyers moving to international locations including Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Singapore, and Tokyo.