Partner Placements

● An insurance regulatory partner at a Wall Street firm with a branded practice in the area.

● A bank regulatory partner at a Wall Street firm strong in financial services.

● A white collar litigation partner who was a former AUSA in the Southern District at a national firm.

● A project finance team with a strong LATAM focus at a major Texas Firm.

● A Latin American capital markets partner at a Magic Circle firm.

● A senior real estate partner with global investment clients at a national firm.

● A high end aviation finance partner at a global American firm which is expanding in this area in London and in New York.

● A high-end insurance and financial litigation partner in the New York office of a well-known Ohio firm.

● A major privacy and data security practice partner at a legendary Silicon Valley firm representing cutting-edge technology companies.

● An international project finance team at an AmLaw 100 firm where the senior partner is now chair of the practice.

● A project finance and energy capital markets partner in the New York office of an Atlanta based national firm.

● A patent litigator at a 500-lawyer global litigation firm where he now heads the Hong Kong office.

● A trademark litigation group at an AmLaw 100 firm.

● An insurance litigation group with German clients in the New York office of a Florida AmLaw 100 firm.

● A partner with Italian corporate clients at the New York office of a large mid-sized Philadelphia firm where he will expand the existing practice.

● A partner with significant Chinese banking and corporate clients into a major global firm with a long history in East Asia.

● A financial litigation partner at an elite 200-lawyer New York firm that has argued Supreme Court cases.

● An Assistant US Attorney from the S.D.N.Y. as a counsel in the same firm where he quickly made partner.

● An entertainment practice group at the New York office of a major Philadelphia firm.

● A real estate finance partner with major banking clients at a global AmLaw 100 firm.

● A tax partner in the New York office of a national firm.

● A private equity investment management partner and a counsel at a global AmLaw 100 firm.

● A partner with a Turkish practice into a small New York boutique.

Associate Placements

● A mid-level litigation associate with a Harvard JD and two federal clerkships at a high quality boutique to do civil litigation.

● A mid-level capital markets and finance associate at a New Jersey firm which valued her prior government experience.

● A mid-level international lawyer into an M&A practice at a global firm.

● A mid-level corporate associate at a California firm with a strong tech practice.

● A mid-level hedge fund lawyer in the Chicago office of a global firm.

● A senior associate in IP as a counsel at an AmLaw 100 firm.

● A senior real estate associate as a partner in an AmLaw 100 firm.

In-House Placements

● A vice-president, legal, at one of the world's largest natural resources companies.

● A mid-level corporate associate from a top tier law firm to an in-house position with a multi-billion dollar British hedge fund. The attorney we placed works directly with the General Counsel of the company.

● A 40 Act lawyer with a multi-billion dollar asset management company.

● An intellectual property lawyer in-house with a preeminent New York newspaper.

● A general counsel with a large privately held design company with French origins.

● A corporate finance lawyer in-house with an investment bank with a specialty in health care deals.